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Made By Friends,
For Friends.

Palm Beverages LLC was started by 5 friends stuck in quarantine together at James Madison University back in the Spring of 2020. Unable to return home, we grew sick and tired of sipping on the same old watery beers and bland hard seltzers. 

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We Thirsted for Something Different.

Among the litter that decorated our dim old college house was a crumpled-up juice pouch.  One of the fellas remarked, “if only this had alcohol in it.”  A light bulb flickered on, and Palm Pouch was born. With school suspended and social gatherings forbidden, we devoted ourselves to the pursuit of this vision.  Times were tough but we scraped together what small funds we could, tapping our savings, working odd jobs and flipping burgers.  Eventually, we collected enough coin to caravan cross-country together and develop the drink with a lab based in LA.   

This Party is Just Getting Started….  

Palm Is Growing

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Palm Is Growing

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